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Quick Vedic

Though sacred text maths evokes Hindutva connotations, the very fact is that it is a system of straightforward arithmetic, which might be used for tangled calculations. — (Credit: Ajit Ninan)NO ONE raises a hair once kids are needed to study multiplication tables until nineteen. Then, throw a match if students are instructed a way toContinue reading “Quick Vedic”

Mathematical Reasoning

Let’s relate math with literature and start our journey towards showing the existence of mathematics in all aspects of life. ~Vansh Jatin Mehta Mathematically acceptable Statements.A Statement is a sentence which is not an order or an exclamatory sentence and of course a statement is not a question. For example.What is your name? Get outContinue reading “Mathematical Reasoning”

Crime + Mathematics = Crimatics

Maths may seem very different from the confused, unpredictable and highly relevant business of fighting crime. But in fact maths is very relevant. It is integral to many of the methods police use to solve crime, including dealing with fingerprints, accident and number-plate reconstruction and tracking down poison.