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Room at the Hilbert Infinity Hotel

Have you heard about the famous “Hilbert Infinity Hotel”?. They’ve taken the concept of “Athithi Devo Bhava” way too seriously!
Jokes apart, they love their guests (& money of course) SO much that even when the Hotel is FULL, they will have a vacancy for you!

The Drake Equation

Do you ever wonder if aliens exist? If yes, then how many? Dr. Drake created a formula to estimate the number of intelligent alien species. Read more to find how he did it!

Derivative of e^x

By Kanishk Nishar Euler’s Number (pronounced ‘oiler’) is a very famous mathematical constant that describes the rate of exponential growth in the universe. I’ve explained how the number is derived and one of its properties in this article. Compound interest To understand e, we must first understand compound interest. You must have seen the formulaContinue reading “Derivative of e^x”

How to Get Your Way with Statistics

By Ali Hyder Mulji “If you are a heavy French fry eater, your risk of dying doubles!” Haven’t we all heard sentences like this, one too many times and are always left dumbstruck by the claims they make? Sometimes they’re too awful to be believable but at most others, its simply a smart statistician slylyContinue reading “How to Get Your Way with Statistics”

You’ll Never Look at a Deck of Cards the Same Way Again

By Parth Mehta It all starts with a simple deck of playing cards. These 52 thin cardboards with colorful designs printed on their sides seem pretty much harmless enough. Yet as they say, the complexity of things begins from the simplest systems. So, A harmless question. In how many ways can they be arranged? For thisContinue reading “You’ll Never Look at a Deck of Cards the Same Way Again”


This is a blog maintained by the Mathematics and Statistics Cell of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Here we will be talking about interesting and dynamic concepts in the fields of Maths and Statistics, sharing our ideas and turning complicated theories into practical and understandable examples. We hope we are able toContinue reading “Welcome!”