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Bayes’ Theorem

By Kanishk Nishar Bayes’ Theorem deals with conditional probability. Before we dive into the theorem, let us talk about conditional probability.Conditional ProbabilityThe formula for conditional probability is: Where, P (A) = Probability that event A will occur,P (B) = Probability that event B will occur, and P (A∩ B) = Probability that both event AContinue reading “Bayes’ Theorem”

Derivative of e^x

By Kanishk Nishar Euler’s Number (pronounced ‘oiler’) is a very famous mathematical constant that describes the rate of exponential growth in the universe. I’ve explained how the number is derived and one of its properties in this article. Compound interest To understand e, we must first understand compound interest. You must have seen the formulaContinue reading “Derivative of e^x”

Everything You Need to Know about Machine Learning

By Anisha Mata If you’ve recently used Twitter to get your news, asked Google Assistant to call you an Uber, or talked to any online customer service, chances are you’ve been in contact with Machine Learning in action, without even knowing about it.   Since in recent years, machine learning has become such a big part ofContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know about Machine Learning”

How to Get Your Way with Statistics

By Ali Hyder Mulji “If you are a heavy French fry eater, your risk of dying doubles!” Haven’t we all heard sentences like this, one too many times and are always left dumbstruck by the claims they make? Sometimes they’re too awful to be believable but at most others, its simply a smart statistician slylyContinue reading “How to Get Your Way with Statistics”

You’ll Never Look at a Deck of Cards the Same Way Again

By Parth Mehta It all starts with a simple deck of playing cards. These 52 thin cardboards with colorful designs printed on their sides seem pretty much harmless enough. Yet as they say, the complexity of things begins from the simplest systems. So, A harmless question. In how many ways can they be arranged? For thisContinue reading “You’ll Never Look at a Deck of Cards the Same Way Again”

Relationship between Math and Music

By Aditi Madan “There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” -Pythagoras Would you believe that research has shown that certain pieces of music end up being more popular and mainstream due to their ‘mathematical’ structure? Besides the basic uses of mathematics in music theory andContinue reading “Relationship between Math and Music”


By Krisha Shah InsurTech is the new cool word within the vocabulary of the financial services, replacing the term FinTech, which established itself in the last years of 2000 when companies like Square, Transfer wise, and Stripe accelerated the payments revolution launched by PayPal in the US and Alipay in China. However, I believe thatContinue reading “InsurTech”