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The Drake Equation

Do you ever wonder if aliens exist? If yes, then how many? Dr. Drake created a formula to estimate the number of intelligent alien species. Read more to find how he did it!

Derivative of e^x

By Kanishk Nishar Euler’s Number (pronounced ‘oiler’) is a very famous mathematical constant that describes the rate of exponential growth in the universe. I’ve explained how the number is derived and one of its properties in this article. Compound interest To understand e, we must first understand compound interest. You must have seen the formulaContinue reading “Derivative of e^x”

Game Theory

By Anisha Mata Game Theory is a concept that we hear about a lot in the 21stcentury. Its applications range far and wide, across disciplines and fields. A working knowledge of game theory can help you figure out the best strategy, whether that’s for a game like rock, paper, scissors or negotiating a deal withContinue reading “Game Theory”