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  • Veda is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Knowledge’.
  • Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics which was discovered by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Tirthaji in the period between A.D. 1911 and 1918. 
  • The most striking feature of the Tirthaji system is its coherence. The whole system is interrelated and unified. 
  • The 16 ‘Sutras’are based on the 4 ‘Vedas’, namely, ‘Rigveda’, ‘Yajurveda’, ‘Samaveda’, ‘Atharvaveda’ on which the entire system of Vedic Mathematics is based. 
  • Multiplication shortcuts in Vedic Maths :

     996  (-4)

          x 998   (-2)


  • Both the numbers are closer to 10 power (base 1000).
    • 996 is 4 less thab 1000 and 998 is 2 less than 1000.
    • (-4)*(-2)=8. Since base is 1000, use 008.
    • 996-2 or 998-4 =994.
    • Final answer= 994008.
  • Calculating Squares in Vedic Maths :
Trick to square a number in Vedic Mathematics
  • Division shortcuts in Vedic Mathematics :
  • 9 is 1(deficiency) less than 10(nearest power of 10). (that 1 is written in white colour below divisor in example)
  • Split Dividend in 2 parts (Quotient & Remainder) in such a way Remainder to have same number of digits as that of Divisor. In this case, its 1 digit.
  • Take 1st digit – 2 down as it is.
  • Multiply the above deficiency (1) with the 2 and put below 4 and add them column wise to get 6.
  • Multiply deficiency (1) by 6 and put below 3 and add column wise to get 9.
  • As last column is filled, we stop the process.
  • We know the concept that Remainder can never be>=Divisor, as Remainder 9 is = our Divisor 9, we divide 9 by 9 to get Quotient 1 and Remainder as 0.
  • Add the Quotient 1 to original Quotient 26 to get 27
  • Thus Quotient=27 & Remainder=0.
  • Square root calculations in Vedic Maths :


  1. Number ends with 9, Since it’s a perfect square, square root will end with 3 or 7.
  2. Need to find 2 perfect squares (In Multiples of 10) between which 2209 exists.
    Numbers are 1600(402) and 2500(502).
  3. Find to whom 2209 is closer. 2209 is closer to 2500. Therefore, square root is nearer to 50
    Now from Step 2, possibilities are 43 or 47 out of which 47 is closer to 50
  4. Hence square root = 47.
  • There are 16 such Jaw dropping Sutras or Formulas which solve all known mathematical problems in the branches of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. They are easy to understand, apply and remember. 

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  1. First of all ,thanks for sharing this article. you explained it very well and i learn so many things from this article. i wish you will post more article just like this one


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